COME PLAY WITH “Ingenieros Industriales de Las Rozas DE MADRID” AND YOU CAN GET A DISCOUNT OF UP TO 30% AT THE Camilo José Cela UNIVERSITY

We are pleased to inform you of the collaboration agreement that we reached a few months ago with the SEK Educational Institution (IESEK) with which we will jointly promote the development of rugby and its values ​​through specific programs, sports activities, student participation in different areas of the club (communication, physical therapy, sports psychology…) as well as the creation of a Rugby school at the SEK El Castillo School and the Camilo José Cela University (UCJC), located in Villafranca del Castillo, very close to Las Rozas, which will be managed by the Ingenieros Industriales Deportive Association.

 The SEK Educational Institution owns 6 schools in Spain, 3 abroad and the Camilo José Cela University (UCJC). Thanks to this agreement, IESEK will provide players in our club who want to study, both in college and university, with significant discounts on tuition and residency. The amount of some of these scholarships depends on the number of players who decide to study at IESEK, so it would be very helpful for us to know if you are currently studying at these facilities or plan to do so, so we can coordinate the scholarships.

 Likewise, these discounts and requirements will be applied to the U-TAD (University Center of Technology and Digital Art located in Las Rozas).

 Here are some details of these scholarships:


 Those players who study or want to study at the Camilo José Cela University will receive a high performance sports scholarship from the SEK International Sports program with the following benefits:

  • 30% of enrollment, credits and recognitions of the course in which the athlete is enrolled, depending on the number of scholarships applied for and the curriculum of the athletes presented. If the number of athletes in the club were 6 students or more, the scholarship percentage would be 40%. Within this group, the players who already study at this university are taking in to account t, so we ask you to please inform us if you are already studying there or plan to do so as we can benefit from the largest possible discount.

  • 5% discount on the price established in a double room in the UCJC residences.

  • Non-compulsory enrollment for the entire course.

  • Adaptation of dates for conducting exams by competition or training.

  • Availability of a tutor teacher.

  • Availability of student tutors.

  • Provision of a professional development department to support job placement.

 The only requirement that the University requests to receive the benefits of the sports scholarships is that the scholarship athletes must have a federative form processed in the D.A. Ingenieros Industriales (with minimal assistance to training) and, in the case of competition in University Championships, they must do so representing the UCJC, (not an obligation to participate in University Championship).



Those players who study or want to study at SEK El Castillo School, at study levels of Secondary Education and High School Education, will receive a high performance SEK International Sports Academy scholarship with the following benefits:

  • Up to 50% in the cost of teaching, according to the number of players.

  • 25% residence service in triple room, according to availability.

 The requirements that the university requests to receive the benefits of these sports scholarships are the following:

  • Participate in sports competitions, nationally or internationally, in any category.

  • Have an adequate academic record.

  • Have a favorable assessment by the teaching and management team of the schools of origin.



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